Previous Work


1: Sirens for police/firebrigade (68705 based system)

2: Coin control pcb for Coin operated equipment (68705 based)

3: Emergency flashing light units for fire brigade

4: Industrial control computer for Automatic welders (Z80 based system)

5: Z80 in socket emulator

6: Port expansion PCB to suit IBM type P.C. (ISA bus plug in card)

7: Colour Computer for Hi-colour display (8088 based system)

8: Video game PCB for Child Amusements (strip.pcb) (8088 based system)

9: Multiplexer / decoder / driver control PCB for 7 segment LED display from remote computer

10: Infra red data transmitter / reciever for data transfer from remote sensing unit to IBM type P.C.

11:Driving simulator PCB (Quad Microprocessors) (68HC16, 68030, 34020, 34082)

12: Virtual reality PCB (Quad Microprocessors) + infrared control of CD player (68HC16, 68040, 34020, 34082)

13: Video game PCB for Catalina games (triple Microprocessors) (34010 + ADSP2101 + 68705)

14: Ghost Hunter PCB (34010 based system) 15: Video game PCB for Hanaho, triple microprocessors (68030, 68hc16, 34020)

16: Composite Video to RBB converter + power supply for 5" colour LCD Screen

17: Mini Golf sound effects system including 8 channel power amplifier and plug in digital sample card for P.C. (EISA bus)

18: General electronic control PCB for electromechanical coin operated equipment (68HC11 based system) (including reversible motor controllers)

19: Skillshot PCB for motor control, optoelectronic event triggering, alphanumeric LED display control

20: Scan converter to convert Hi resolution video for display onto Lo resolution video monitor

21: Video game PCB for Hanaho Games (dual Microprocessor: 34010 + 68HC11)

22: External Bi-directional motor control pcb for interface with computer system

23: Research + develop electronic system for mallet to detect position on video screen (patent pending)

24: Video game PCB for Hanaho Games (Rapid Fire + Mallet Madness) (34010 based system)

25: Impact sensing optoelectronic position sensor (incorporating light pen sensor)


1: Bios and communications software in Assmebly language for above PCBs

2: Games on Amiga computer for sale via Electronic Arts to the home market :
(a: Mission (shoot 'em up), b: Amazed (maze game)

3: Game on Atari 1040 computer for sale via Elect. Arts to home market : (Skimmer: Helicopter game)

4: Thunderstrike game conversion on Double Dragon PCB for Arcade market ( war game)

5: Quest game conversion on Double dragon PCB for arcade market (2 player warrior fighting game)

6: 3D car driving simulator for Applied V.R.

7: Virtual reality games for Applied V.R. (1: Defcon Extreme, 2: Aqua raiders, 3: C.T. Racer)

8: 3D modelling software for design of 3D graphics (to run on the P.C.)

9: Audio sampling / editing software to run on the P.C.

10: Control interface software for Mini Golf Sound system (P.C. based)

11: Game software, including reverse engineer / modify alphanumeric display bios, for Skillshot.

12: Graphics editor / arrangement software for scrolling games backgrounds (to run on the P.C.)

13: Foodfight game software on 68040 / 34020 PCB using mallet

14: Coconut dash video redemption software / graphics

15: Multi User Dungeon software for internet multiplayer fantasy role playing game (to run on Linux web server) (written in C)

16: Mallet Madness software 17: Midi decoder / player library ( C callable)

18: Interactive control panel (front end) for games emulator on the P.C. (written in Pascal [ Delphi ] )