Virtual Reality PCB


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Main Features:

  • TMS 34020
  • TMS 34082
  • MC68EC040
  • MC68HC16
  • 128k SRAM
  • 1MB DRAM
  • 1MB VRAM
  • RS232 Serial Port
  • Parallel port
  • Infrared data Transmitter
  • 8 Channel Audio (ADPCM)
  • 16 bit Hi-colour display
  • Program and Data fully self contained in on-board ROM



Summary of operation:

The Board runs as a stand alone unit from a +5Volt and +12Volt power supply. Bios and application software written in 68040, 34020, 34082 and 68HC16 Assembly Languages and optimised for peak performance. Designed to operate as a virtual reality system for sale in the Video Arcade industry. An electromagnetic position sensing system interfaces to the system PCB via a serial port and provides information as to where the player is looking. The software then calculates the field of view for the player and displays this on a head mounted liquid crystal display unit. Sound effects generated digitally on the main PCB. Background music provided by a custom made CD containing all teh music tracks, and controlled via an InfraRed link from the main PCB to the CD player.

Commercial products created and running on this board:

1: Defcon Extreme

2: Aqua Raiders

Scan of brochure for Defcon Extreme
Scan of screen shots brochure for Defcon Extreme