Sound system control software


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Main Features:

  • Dos operation
  • Simultaneous replay of up to 32 channels of 16 bit sound samples (20KHz sample rate per channel)
  • Minimum system configuration: Pentium 166 with 32 Mb RAM

Summary of operation:

The Program monitors up to 32 inputs and plays sound sample to an output channel dedicated to each input. Each channel can have a list of samples which will allow a different sound to be played each time the input is triggered. Primary purpose of this system is for such venues as Mini Golf courses, to provide sound effects each time a player sinks a ball into a hole. The software controls a custom ISA bus card which has 8 channels,and which I designed. Up to 4 of these cards can be fitted to a P.C. giving a total of 32 channels. Inputs are active low, TTL level and are triggered by either a micro switch, or one of a variety of custom Infra Red or Vibration Sensors, I designed to operate with this system. Sound output is fed to an external power amplifier module I designed, which has 8 amplifiers in a single, rack mounted case. Output for each of the 8 power amplifiers is: 25W RMS. Dos was chosen as the operating system to improve reliability, and allow the system to simply be switched on in the morning, and auto boot via the Autoexec.bat file entry as well as simply switched off at the end of the day, with no special shutdown procedure required.

Switch status displayed onscreen, as well as a count of the number of times an input has been triggered, and other useful data.