Single CPU Embedded System PCB


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Main Features:

  • TMS 34010(50Mhz)
  • 2MB VRAM
  • Parallel port
  • 4 Channel Audio (ADPCM)
  • Fm Music Synth. (YM2151)
  • OnBoard Power Amplifier
  • 8 bit display (256 colour)
  • 2K novram (Dallas)
  • Program and Data fully self contained in on-board ROM


Summary of operation:

The Board runs as a stand alone unit from a +5Volt and +12Volt power supply. Bios written in Assembly Language and optimised for peak performance. Game software written in Assembly Language and C++ . The intended use for this board is as a video game platform for use in the Coin Operated Video Arcade game industry. It provides a low cost solution where static backgrounds, a reasonable number of sprites, 256 colour RGB display, and good quality sound is required. The board is very tolerant to supply voltage fluctuations, and runs correctly from 3.9 Volts, to 5.9 Volts. The novram is write inhibited however, for voltages below 4.5V.

Commercial products currently using this this board:

1: Mallet Madness

2: Rapid Fire

3: Ratman