Emulator Front End for Win95/98


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Main Features:

  • Written in Pascal, using the Deplhi I.D.E. to run on a P.C. under Windows 95/98.
  • Windows System registry manipulation via pulldown menu
  • Shell executes a game emulator (Mame), with command line switches dependent upon the user's selection from the main screen.
  • Runs a custom AVI file in either fullscreen or windowed mode
  • Minimum system configuration: Pentium 200 with 32 Mb RAM


Summary of operation:

The program runs on a P.C. using Windows 95 or 98. When started, it auto runs a custom AVI file, with sound, in either fullscreen or windowed mode, which can be bypassed with a keystroke or mouse click. The main selection screen allows the user to select a game to play, via either keyboard entry, or mouse click using buttons which illuminate in colour when the mouse is over them. A central display window shows a graphic of the current selection. Upon clicking the mouse button, the front end causes Mame (a game emulator ) to be executed in a shell environment, running the game code relevant to the selection. The user can customise various parameters via a pulldown configuration menu. Configuration data is stored, retrieved from the Windows system registry. This program is currently distributed on CD Rom with the Hotrod Joystick, by Hanaho Games Inc. U.S.A.