3D Editor / World Builder


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Main Features:

  • Dos operation
  • Customisable file format
  • Optimised for speed of execution
  • Minimum system configuration: 486DX50 with 16 Mb RAM


Summary of operation:

The Program was designed to create custom scenarios and sprites for use in Virtual Reality environment. Particular focus was placed on frame update rate, endeavouring to maximise the level of detail in the virtual world, without causing annoyingly slow frame rates. Assembly language was used to maximise execution speed. Several programming shortcuts were developed and a custom file format employed, which specifically targeted the characteristics of the Virtual Reality PCB described in the hardware section of this site. The software was used to create a large number of virtual worlds and moveable objects (sprites) which could be stored as files using either absolute or relative polygon co-ordinates, dependng on their purpose, and behaviour. Many custom features were programmed, such as creating a driving simulator track, by simply 'driving' over a landscape, and the program automatically creats a road along the path travelled.