About Barry Jones

CAREER GOAL: My primary aim is to provide creative and innovative technological solutions, via the harmonious integration of hardware and software. I have specialised in areas relevant to computer programming, digital and analogue electronics engineering.


January 2006 to present
Senior Graphics Engine Programmer , Krome Studios, Brisbane Australia.
Duties: Optimise existing PS2 engine to improve frame rate, and provide extra graphics functionality. Assist in the creation of a new graphics engine, for Sony PlayStation 3 (tm) and support game teams as required in other performance optimisations. e.g. physics, character animation etc.
Languages : C++, C and Assembly.

January 2001 - December 2005
Employed as Senior Graphics Engine Programmer by Ratbag Games/ Midway Australia, in Adelaide South Australia.
Duties : Primarily writing optimised vertex shaders for the Sony Playstation 2 (tm). Also optimistation of physics and game code to maximise execution speed. This consists of approximately 50% code development with C++, and 50% custom routines written in Assembly Language. Most of the Assembly is written for the Vector Units (VU0, and VU1). My role specifically targets the render pipeline, and includes such routines as high speed dynamic lighting, and specular highlight,environment mapping, water render code for 3D texture mapped geometry.
Languages : C++ and Assembly.
Games released so far: World of Outlaws Sprint Cars, Dukes of Hazzard.

1996 - 2000 I have recently completed a two year project with Hanaho Games Inc. (Los Angeles). Prior to this I was contracted by Hanaho for special project work for eighteen months.


Video game PCB for Hanaho, triple microprocessors (68030, 68hc16, 34020)

General electronic control PCB for electromechanical coin operated equipment (68HC11 based system) (including reversible motor controllers)

Embedded system for motor control, optoelectronic event triggering, dot-matrix LED display control

Scan converter to convert Hi resolution video for display onto Lo resolution video monitor

Video game PCB for Hanaho Games (dual Microprocessor: 34010 + 68HC11)

External Bi-directional motor control pcb to interface with computer system

Research + develop electronic system for mallet to detect position on video screen (patent pending)

Video game PCB for Hanaho Games (Rapid Fire + Mallet Madness) (34010 based system)

Impact sensing optoelectronic position sensor (incorporating light pen sensor)


Operating system and communications software in Assembly language for above PCBs

Graphics editor / arrangement software for scrolling games backgrounds (to run on the P.C.)

Midi decoder / player library ( C callable)

Interactive control panel (front end) for games emulator on the P.C. (written in Pascal [ Delphi ] )

Product software, including reverse engineer / modify alphanumeric display bios, for Skillshot.

Game software written in assembly language for a variety of games for sale in the arcade game industry

Additional responsibilities: Provided technical support for 3rd party software developers on Rapid Fire PCB Production engineering and post sales product support

1994 - 1996 During this period I worked freelance for a number of companies developing the following products:


Embedded system PCB for Catalina games (triple Microprocessors) (34010 + ADSP2101 + 68705)

Ghost Hunter PCB (34010 based system)

Embedded system for Hanaho, triple microprocessors (68030, 68hc16, 34020)

Composite Video to RGB converter + power supply for 5" colour LCD Screen

Mini Golf sound effects system including 8 channel power amplifier and plug in digital sample card for P.C. (EISA bus)


Audio sampling / editing software to run on the P.C.

Control interface software for Mini Golf Sound system (P.C. based)

In addition:

Technical repair work for local businesses including computer monitors, power supplies, motherboards

1992 - 1994 Employed as a research engineer with Applied VR (Melbourne) whilst also being a thirty percent shareholder in the company.


Driving simulator PCB (Quad Microprocessors) (68HC16, 68030, 34020, 34082)

Virtual reality PCB (Quad Microprocessors) + infrared control of CD player (68HC16, 68040, 34020, 34082)


Virtual reality games for Applied V.R. (1: Defcon Extreme, 2: Aqua raiders, 3: C.T. Racer)

3D modelling software for design of 3D graphics (to run on the P.C.)

Note: The above software was written using four differing forms of assembly language and optimised for maximum performance and frame rate. This required an intimate knowledge of matrix mathematics and other three dimensional programming techniques as well as system arbitration, task sharing and interprocessor communications.

1991 - 1992 Branch Manager for Toledo Scale (Portland Branch)

Duties included: Staff managment, job assessment and billing, account recovery, product sales, customer liason and expansion of customer base. Work also involved installation, wiring, calibration and component level diagnosis and repairs of digital electronic scales and weigh bridges

Additonal work: Designed and developed an Infra red data transmitter / reciever for ascii data transfer from remote sensing unit to IBM compatible P.C.

1989 - 1990 Electronics technician repairing computers, fax and photocopier machines for Icon Investments (Portland, Victoria)

Duties included component level diagnosis and repair of computer monitors, switchmode power supplies, motherboards, bus cards, fax and photocopier boards. Additional duties: Software installation, data recovery, and system maintenance. Setting up IPX networks.

1985 - 1989 Owner and proprietor of Vision Electronics and Managing Director of Hamilfern Pty. Ltd., Vision Electronics specialised in component level repairs, primarily of coin operated amusement machine circuit boards, but also diversified into medical equipment and automotive electronics. Vision Electronics was primarily concerned with the repair of a large range of embedded systems utilising many different microprocessors and peripherals, as well as the repair of switch mode power supplies and monitors. NOTE: almost none of the equipment we repaired had readily available schematic diagrams or support from the manufacturers or distributors, and required a good general knowledge of electronics diagnostic techniques. Hamilfern's primary business was the development and manufacturing of new products including the following:-

* Sirens for police/firebrigade (68705 based system)

* Coin control pcb for Coin operated equipment (68705 based)

* Emergency flashing light units for fire brigade

* Industrial control computer for Automatic welders (Z80 based system)

* Z80 in circuit emulator/debugger

* Port expansion PCB to suit IBM type P.C. (ISA bus plug in card)

Note: I was responsible for the design and development of all the above systems as well as overseeing their production.


* Lateral thinker capable of evaluating multiple solutions to any given problem

* Creative and imaginative, able to visualize new concepts

* Excellent time management, self-motivated, work well alone or as part of a team

* Able to quickly comprehend and apply new technologies and techniques

* Hard working, innovative and capable of meeting deadlines as required


* Concept evaluation and systems analysis

* Electronic hardware schematic design including digital and audio analogue

* Printed circuit board layout and prototype construction and testing

* Production engineering and support experience

* Experience in C Programming and Pascal

* Gate array programming

* Experience with IPX networking

* Proficiency with Adobe Photoshop and Midi Music programming

* Proficient in Assembly Language Programming for the following microprocessors:

6502, 6809, 6800, 68HC11->68HC16, Z80, 68000->68040, 68705, 34010->34020, 8088->Pentium, 34082,ADSP2101, PS2 EE and vector Units.

* Experience with 3D Studio

* Proficiency with Protel CAD for PCB design

* Proficiency with Palasm and VHDL for PLDs

* Experience with Delhpi 4

* Proficiency with Cool Edit

* Experience with Dreamweaver and HTML for websites

* Experience with Page Maker 5.0

Personal Statement

As opportunities for growth in the workplace presented themselves, I undertook an ongoing and intensive course of home study. During the last twenty years, this study, coupled with practical work experience has resulted in my being offered progressively higher qualified positions in the field of digital electronic design and computer programming. I continue to expand my knowledge base and keep abreast of new technologies in this rapidly changing environment.

Hobbies and Interests

* Maintenance and development of Multi User, internet game (Rom2.4 based MUD) running on Linux server

* Mechanical skills in the area of motorcycle and automotive engine rebuilding and repairs including welding

* Chemistry, Geology and Astronomy

* The study of Physics and Quantum Mechanics

* Research into the applied use of Laser technologies